Saturday, January 25, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Topps Blog

Welcome to the 2014 Topps Blog!

Over the course of the rest of year (and maybe into next January), I will showcase the most complete 2014 Topps base card set possible. Not only will this cover the 990 cards typically included in Series 1, Series 2 and the Update Set, but also any additional cards from the individual team sets that Topps releases in blister packs that didn't make the cut for the complete set.

I will break down each card much the same way I did the 2013 Topps Cubs cards on my other blog, Once a Cub. Each post will contain at least the following information:
  1. A scanned photo of the front of each card
  2. A sample-sized image of the original photo from Getty Images
  3. A link to the box score of the game on
  4. A scanned photo of the back of the card
  5. My personal thoughts/witty commentary on the card and/or player 
What you will not find, unless I earn some benevolent readers (hint, hint), are the alternate photo short prints. Topps will get enough of my money trying to chase down the cards from the extra team sets so I doubt I will find funds for those too. If I do happen to get my hands on any of the other inserts, look for them as special Sunday posts.

With a Series 1 projected release date of January 29, 2014, look for my first "real" posts on Friday, January 31, 2014. The plan (for now) is to post two cards, Monday-Saturday during February and then bumping up to three cards from March until I run out of cards. If I calculated correctly, there shouldn't be any disruption of posts caused by the release dates of the Series 2 and Update.

I won't follow the numeric order of the cards but will instead randomize the selections for each day. There might be some mini themes, such as same position, same team, Future Stars or some such nonsense that only makes sense to me, but no exact method to the madness.

Tomorrow, look for more details on a special contest for followers of the blog!

This should go without saying but this blog is not affiliated, associated, endorsed by or in any other way officially connected with The Topps Company, Inc. or Getty Images, Inc., their subsidiaries or affiliates.


  1. Always fun to be first at something. Looking forward to the posts.

  2. For someone who's not planning on buying and of Topps' flagship product I'm really looking forward to these posts. Thanks!