Monday, January 27, 2014

Not a pack in sight...

After I saw some reports of early releases on other blogs, I made a couple of stops during my weekend errands. Two Targets. Two Wal-marts. And a Toys R Us.

As the title suggests, I came up empty. I didn't even see any decent clearance stuff from last year. Luckily, they were all within a reasonable distance from my other stops. And that did not deter me from getting a jump on future posts.

Thanks to Wrigley Wax for posting a photo that Topps tweeted out back in December. With him pointing out some Cubs cards, I was able to knock out the Getty search on those pretty easily. I recognized a few non-Cubs from the sheet, too.

Then, the first reported retail purchase that I came across was by McCann Can Triple over at A Rookie (baseball) Card Collector. Once he posted his Braves pulls and some of his parallels, I found the corresponding Getty images for those as well. Thanks!

But the bulk of my resources came from a couple of sellers on eBay that were gracious enough to put a few things up for sale early with scans instead of the generic sell sheet artwork. I've sold quite a few things on eBay myself so I know how much work it can be with unique photos, even with templates. One of them was really looking to get a jump on the sales as he had all of the rookies uploaded. All in all, I have the source photos for nearly 100 of the 330 cards already without a single card in hand.

Can't wait to get rolling on the "real" posts later this week! And of course, don't forget to join the contest I mentioned yesterday!

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